Project Management

As Manager of architectural work and Execution, we consider that every site unique in its complexity and its importance. That it’s on Grenoble or in France, we take advantage of our experiences of Project management of Design, renovation and arrangement of interior to answer your expectations.

AD&CO manages the specificities of every project, whether it is commercial spaces (points of sale, flagships, retailparks) or spaces of services (restaurants, hotels, showrooms).

The feasibility studies in the piloting of the works, we rationalize the projects of our customers. The planning and the deposit of the administrative files give rhythm to our everyday life. We master the legal and statutory aspects inherent to the projects of the building.

Our mission:

  • Adapt
  • Plan
  • Guarantee
  • Pilot
  • Check
  • Receive

Accompagement in the deployment

AD&CO assures the deployment of networks of points of sale of some commercial concepts of architecture a year.

To manage the multiplicity, it’s to assure the abstract conformity of every site and to verify the coherence of the network.

Of the launch of the call for tenders by means of a file of Consultations of Companies (DCE) in the signing of contracts of employment, our expertise in purchases allows to select the good partners in the most adapted costs.

A dedicated team is organized until the reception of the construction site to guarantee the success of your project.