An approach…

The approach AD&CO is to arrest the spirit of the place and to propose a relevant answer through a multidisciplinary team to your listening, while anticipating the major constraints, Budget, Deadlines, Design…

For a global control!

Private individual

Our mission:

  • Evaluate the site
  • Adviser
  • Design
  • Budget

You are a Professional, the creation of a new point of sale implies of:

  • Making an implant planning,
  • Decide on a merchandising,
  • Create a signalling system, a facade and a shop window (to make validate with competent authorities through a DP, AT or a PC),
  • Optimize the ergonomics of the sale, the accessibility to the people handicaped according to the putting in conformity PMR,
  • Secure the ERP according to the category of this one,
  • Choose materials,
  • Design furnitures,
  • Propose a lighting,
  • Imagine principles of segmentation,
  • Give meaning and of the differentiation.

You are a private individual, the constraints and the marks are different according to your wishes to modify your interior or to create an Extension of your house. AD&CO sets up a service adapted according to your project of arrangement. If you want:

  • Create more arrangements, an additional room (chamber),
  • Re-think an atmosphere,
  • Design a specific furnitur,
  • Order new rooms,
  • Concretize your desires,
  • Manage a budget and a deadline.

Our mission:

  • Evaluate your residence
  • Adviser
  • Design
  • Budget

Further to the current situation ( EDL ) of your residence, we realize a 1st study shift, a Front Summary Project (APS) according to your wishes and needs. It includes succins plans, sketch, zonings, suggestions of materials and atmospheres and a budgetary estimation.

When we congeal the abstract aspect of the APS, we realize a Front Detailed project (APD). He allows us to realize in detail the project and to look for adapted technical solutions. We hand a complete file of quoted movable plans and works, images 3D, materials and defined colors, as well as a precise calculation of the budget project.

In parallels of the APD, we take care of files of Authorizations Works (AT or DP) with the City hall to execute the project within the time limit allowed. AD&CO remains your privileged and only interlocutor.